The Training Modules:

The training will be made up of five bespoke modules for investigators and analysts, broken down into one introductory module for all participants; one analysts’ specific module; one train-the-trainer module; and two investigators’ specific modules. All modules will be of one week duration with the investigators modules being conducted back-to-back to reduce the cost of travelling and accommodation.


All entrants into the programme will be required to sit and pass a pre-read which will administered via the e-learning platform. The pre-read is intended to ensure that persons entering the programme have attained a basic set of knowledge within their respective subject area. The pre-read results are expected to churn out a pool of applicants who are ready to be trained.


The introductory module follows the pre-read and is designed to ensure that all participants have the same level of understanding irrespective of their core subject areas. There will not be any segmentation of participants at this stage. After the introductory module participants, will be broken out into their areas of expertise and segmented to take the next module. Following successful completion of all modules participants will then be required to continue working at their respective agencies and evidence their continuous professional/personal development until their Heads of departments recommends them as being ready for accreditation. 


Throughout the process participants will be encouraged to submit information on their continuous professional/personal development (CPD). The recommendation from their Heads of Department, CPD, evidence of mentoring, where applicable, and successful completion of the training modules will be used in determining whether they will be accredited. The Accreditation Council will bestow the accreditation instrument which participants will only be able to keep once they can prove that they remain active in their field of expertise and continue to evidence CDP. Persons who have completed the training will be registered on the Programme Alumni website which will be used to develop a secured CPD and accreditation support system. 

pdf How the programme will work - Delivery Methodology (1.06 MB)